By Preethy Karunakar / Dietician,Middle East Hospital

Normally, a single bad meal or missed workout is not cause for alarm. However, when that one day of unhealthy decisions becomes 7-10 days of abnormal decisions it reflects in your weighing scale.

Heavy Healthy Start :

More then looking into timings whatever is your first meal make sure it has all 3 food groups ( Carbs, Protein  & Healthy fat ).

This will give you energy and will be used up without storing .

Example : Spanish omelette with brown toast.

Binging is on :  Prefer to have lots of zero calorie drinks like iced tea with lemon , sparkling water, diffuse iced water. Also can add up with melons to keep you filled up and hydrated.

Skipping Lunch : A heavy breakfast might not pave a way for your next meal and always filling in up will not be a good option to enjoy ur time .

Carry some nuts and dried fruits and much it on with a cup of yoghurt so you get charged instead of eating up to the brim.

Cheat is on : Vacation is meant to break the rules of any regime, but do it where you can burn it out. Mostly  try to have your cheat meals in your breakfast so you can be active to burn the extra calories enjoyed.

Hydrate to the maximum : Try to drink lots of diffused water during your travel – (water with a piece of cinnamon stick, cumin seeds a slice of lemon) would help to keep your body and flush out toxins .

Gear up and move : Keep yourself active as much as you can as it can burn out your calories , Avoid lifts, walk in a beach, swim, stretch, breathing exercise, hotel gym. Try to do at least 30 min so keep you fit in your trip.

Sweet tooth: One main thing which pulls up our calories in a vacation is sweets. Making healthy choices on this would help us in a great way to keep going. Dark chocolates, fruit salads , fruit smoothies , frozen  fruit popsicles are some healthy choices.

Fruits and veggies: This is also a main food group which we miss on in our vacation diet plan. Please see that you take 2 portions of any seasonal fruit of the region which your on travel and 2 portions of veggies.This helps in avoiding constipation , increasing your satiety , fills you up by restricting the carb intake.

As to conclude selection of any food which is fresh and which is locally available in that region will give you the best health. Maintaining your portions is a mental challenge which you will get in on in regular practice. DIET IS A TERM NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT BUT TO KEEP YOU FIT AND HEALTHY whether it’s on a vacation or a regular day.

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