How to deal with stomach pain for your kid?

By: Dr. Saba Aqeel, Pediatric GP

It is vital to say that stomach pain that your kids could suffer after the age of 6 months is directly related to his/her eating habits. Here are some advices with how to deal with stomach pain and hard stool constipation:

  • If your kid is having some pain, you can give a cup of green tea once a day to help gases, because tea is a natural antioxidant and helps in digestion, no need for tummy massage.
  • If the pain intermittent then you don’t have to do anything.
  • But if the pain is consistent and your kid complains about it every day, then it’s better to visit your pediatric doctor to understand the reason behind the pain.

Sometimes the mother should observe the constipation routine for her child, either he or she never constipate or every three days. The cause of that is either that your child is picky in terms of food and what he/she eats, or on the other hand, your child probably eats or drink milk consummation which is more than two glasses of milk. To solve this problem, you should adjust your kid diet by increasing the fiber such as fruits and vegetables, dry figs and apricots are good as well to help your kid constipation.

At the end, balanced diet for your kid is the right always better to avoid serious stomach pain issues. And if you faced anything unusual with your kid then you should visit your pediatric doctor.

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