Gum inflammation (Gingivitis)

By Dr.Kamal Sami

It’s the term used when the gum is inflamed and undergoes some changes in color, appearance and texture.

Usually the accumulation of plaque is the reason for gum inflammation, in addition to wrong tooth brushing techniques in addition to drugs related gingival inflammation.

The inflammation can take the form of overgrowth of the gingival tissues or even recession, bleeding while brushing is the most popular sign of gum inflammation, followed by gingival margin redness then the gingiva become shiny and even loss of gingival height (gingival recession) may occur in later stages.

Gingival inflammation treatment:

According to the case the dentist can treat the gingival inflammation as the following, mild to moderate gingivitis: scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) combined with oral medications such as gels and mouthwashes.

Severe gingivitis and gingival recession: scaling and polishing and maybe combined with Periodontal surgery in order to restore the gingival height and integrity.

So sum up, visiting a dentist twice a year for gum checkup would minimize gingival problems and compensate from further gingival and periodontal inflammation and followed by teeth loss.

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