Earwax Management for a Healthy Ear


Earwax is a normal substance made by our skin glands in ear to clean, protect, and “oil” our ears.
It acts as a self-cleaning agent to keep our ears healthy.

Chewing, jaw motion, and new growing skin in the ear canal help to move old ear wax to the ear opening where it is shed off.

This normal process of making wax and pushing the old wax out continues nonstop.

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Symptoms of Earwax Impaction?

• Earache
• Itching
• Feeling of fullness in the ear
• Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)
• Hearing impairment
• Discharge coming from the ear
• Odor coming from the ear
• Cough
• Change in hearing aid function

If you have the above symptoms and you are not sure if they are caused by earwax. See ENT Dr to get examined as You might have a different ear problem that needs medical care.

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Who Is at Risk to Get Earwax Impaction?

Ear wax impaction can happen to anyone but is more common in:

• Elderly people
• People who use hearing aids or earplugs

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How Is Earwax Impaction Diagnosed?

Earwax impaction is diagnosed through a physical examination and review of your medical history by your ENT physician.

Your ENT physician examines your ear canal with an otoscope or some other device to see for impacted earwax. If you do, you may be treated for the impaction at that time or you may be given another appointment later to clean it.

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Treatment Options

You and your ENT physician will discuss possible treatments and decide on the best treatment for you.
Available treatments are:

Ear syringing

Irrigation is not recommended for patients who get a lot of ear infections, have ear tubes, or have a hole in the eardrum.

Wax softening agents

These are ear drops that soften or break up the wax to help in removal. These solutions can be used alone or together other treatments.

Physical removal of wax

Physical removal of ear wax must only be performed by an ENT physician to avoid injury /infection.

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