Dr. Rajesh Gawai, specialist plastic surgeon at Middle East Hospital.

How does liposuction work?

Rajesh Gawai:  It’s a Surgery where a small cannula is inserted in the area of fat to be removed. The  fat is aspirated out with the help of a special body-jet Liposuction machine.It’s the latest technology , is fast and More efficient. The important thing to know is that

liposuction is a way to shape the body  by getting rid of  unwanted fat  from specific areas like abdomen, chin, love handles or thighs etc.

How effective is liposuction? Does it

require a lifestyle change?

RG: It is the most effective (100{0bafe73f0d1415764135625c9622e49cbd3a365d0627bc073502f5bdb6db6963}) way of getting rid of

  • fat because it removes the actual fat cells
  • that store fat in your body.
  • Once an area has been treated with
  • liposuction, it will not accumulate fat again.
  • However if the patient continues with bad eating habits,
  • he or she will gain  fat   in some other areas in the body
  • So in that sense, yes, a lifestyle change is required in the form of good diet and  regular exercise

How much fat can one lose through


  • The International guidelines advocates to keep fat aspiration within 5{0bafe73f0d1415764135625c9622e49cbd3a365d0627bc073502f5bdb6db6963}of  body weight . For eg if you weigh 100 Kg than up to 5kg of fat can be aspirated safely*. Dr.RG strictly follows these codes and all other International Standards, so that he can deliver the best results from the surgery to his patients.

What happens after the procedure?

How long is the recovery time?

  • There will be discomfort, but not actual pain*. The patient can usually go back to

Routine activities within 2 or 3 days. Some

patients bruise, but it will resolve within a week.

What about post-operative care?

  • The patient needs to wear a pressure
  • garment for two weeks after the

surgery so that the skin takes the shape of the new contours of the body. The patient should take the medicines as adviced. The

patient also needs to abstain from exercise

and physical activity for a month or so.

How soon are the results apparent?

  • The patient will notice the difference
  • right after the surgery, but within a few
  • days the body will react to the trauma by
  • swelling that’s why the pressure garments
  • are important to wear. LPG massages
  • also help bring down the swelling. If
  • the post-operative care instructions are
  • followed well, the swelling will go down in
  • a month or so and the patient will then be
  • able to see the best results and New Look clearly.

Is liposuction effective on


  1. Practically No, because cellulite is the collection

of fat just below the skin. Liposuction that

closes to the skin can damage the skin*. We offer

LASER  machine therapy to remove cellulite.

Instead of throwing the Fat can we use it?

RG:  The Body jet machine purifies the aspirated fat and this fat can be transplanted to any part of  your body to  augment it. For eg This fat can be used to Augment the buttocks/breasts  instead of expensive Buttock implants.

( *) Pl  consult your doctor  for details

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